As a psychotherapist, supervisor, and entrepreneur for over 30 years, Deborah has created collaborative and safe places for individuals, families, couples and groups. Deborah's mission in therapy is simple, to help people enjoy life. 

In conjunction with Counseling Collective NY, Deborah created ADHD Family Connection, a group psychotherapy practice serving families, couples and individuals with ADHD who grapple with challenges in learning and living, due to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and other special needs.Deborah's many years of medical social work showed her the unfolding of how parents respond to the initial diagnosing of a child.

Deborah's belief, "The earlier we can mobilize such a collaborative effort, the faster we can lessen our stress and be more accessible to our children". With effective strategies and our strong support system, Deborah asserts we can go about our daily lives, assisting our special needs children to enjoy their childhoods with the rest of our family.

Deborah has been an educator and consultant to physicians and healthcare professionals in some of the largest teaching hospitals in New York, including Bellevue Medical Ctr, Beth Israel and Memorial Sloan-kettering. Working with patients who suffer from acute/chronic illnesses, Deborah has developed expertise in assisting patients, spouses and family systems going through multiple life crises and transitions. Some of the experiences Deborah has navigated with patients have included death and dying, fertility and adoption, midlife transition, and trauma work. As mentioned previously, Deborah's work with ADHD families has strengthened her understanding of how emotional regulation and executive function operate in all of our neural wiring. With this knowledge, Deborah's focus is always on helping all patient's create a balanced lifestyle.

Deborah practices both in our Park Avenue as well as our satellite office in Westchester.