As a psychotherapist, supervisor, and entrepreneur for over 30 years, Deborah has created collaborative and safe places for individuals, families, couples and groups. Deborah's mission in therapy is simple, to help people enjoy life. 

In conjunction with Counseling Collective NY, Deborah created ADHD Family Connection, a group psychotherapy practice serving families, couples and individuals with ADHD who grapple with challenges in learning and living, due to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and other special needs.Deborah's many years of medical social work showed her the unfolding of how parents respond to the initial diagnosing of a child.

Deborah's belief, "The earlier we can mobilize such a collaborative effort, the faster we can lessen our stress and be more accessible to our children". With effective strategies and our strong support system, Deborah asserts we can go about our daily lives, assisting our special needs children to enjoy their childhoods with the rest of our family.

Deborah has been an educator and consultant to physicians and healthcare professionals in some of the largest teaching hospitals in New York, including Bellevue Medical Ctr, Beth Israel and Memorial Sloan-kettering. Working with patients who suffer from acute/chronic illnesses, Deborah has developed expertise in assisting patients, spouses and family systems going through multiple life crises and transitions. Some of the experiences Deborah has navigated with patients have included death and dying, fertility and adoption, midlife transition, and trauma work. As mentioned previously, Deborah's work with ADHD families has strengthened her understanding of how emotional regulation and executive function operate in all of our neural wiring. With this knowledge, Deborah's focus is always on helping all patient's create a balanced lifestyle.

Deborah practices both in our Park Avenue as well as our satellite office in Westchester.




Working for the biggest names on Wall Street, Christina is no stranger to the esoteric cultural nuances in the realm of finance; intimately acquainted with the high risk, great demand, and unpredictable climate. Like hedging, Christina believes psychotherapy is insurance to prevent and protect against a negative event. Thus, Christina utilizes her varied experiences to help individuals balance work and life, stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationship issues, communication and social skills, transitions, and over-indulgent and destructive behaviors. Additionally, Christina treats those diagnosed with autoimmune disorders, infertility issues, and works closely with children, adolescents, and families with special needs.

On couples, Christina believes any relationship no matter what stage can experience highs and lows, and that it’s completely “normal” to seek guidance. Christina profoundly deems couples counseling as art and sought to study under the finest relationship experts, Dr. John and Julie Gottman. At the Gottman Institute, Christina was certified as a Level III Couples Therapist and a Certified Educator for the programs "Bringing Baby Home"  and "The Seven Principles of Marriage"  that lend focus on what to anticipate when expecting, how to cope with conception difficulties, and the challenges of newly-wed cohabitation. 


Christina’s approach to couples counseling is active, compassionate, collaborative, and goal-oriented. She helps a wide range of culturally and sexually diverse couples (married, contemplating marriage or just dating) with anything from re-establishing friendships, trust and commitment, recovering from an affair, pre and post-baby concerns, insight and communicative skills development, rebuilding intimacy and passion, and acknowledgment of perceptual cycles of conflict and disappointment.

Christina is also a credentialed school psychologist at a private school in Westchester who helps children and their families with social-emotional needs. Christina specializes in creating SEL (Social Emotional Learning) workshops that transform student’s views on how to understand and manage anxiety, teach mindfulness techniques, positive communication and relationships as well as executive functioning skills.


She collaborates with parents to promote a healthy mindset and focuses on the needs of parents and children in and outside of the school setting.

In therapy, Christina’s style is eclectically integrating the Gottman Method, cognitive, behavioral, person-centered, and solution-focused therapies. She maintains a positive and upbeat attitude and provides a non-judgmental and safe environment. Christina’s outside interests include maintaining a curated yet endless list of restaurants to visit, home cooking, travel, fashion, decorating, spinning, hot yoga, and music.



* Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

* Relationships  (achieve greater understanding, connection and intimacy, increase respect, affection, and closeness, positive problem solving, conflict management)

* Dating challenges

* Self-esteem and image concerns

* Career & Life balance

* Autoimmune and chronic illness

* Childhood disorders and caregiver support (Asperger’s, Autism, and ADHD)

megan stocker headley 2.JPG


Megan has been drawn to the complexity and potential of the human mind ever since her undergraduate years studying neuropsychology at the University of Virginia. Two decades and a dozen jobs later--and still fascinated by the brain and its elaborate role in behavior, motivation, and relationships--she returned to graduate school at Northwestern University.


Megan believes that awareness of our inner worlds is the key to mental and physical well-being, and that feeling in sync with ourselves enables us to truly connect with others. Having managed diverse teams in her work producing art shows and running restaurants, Megan views her winding career path--along with challenges like relocation, divorce, single parenthood, and family illness--as a deep well of invaluable insight, resilience, and perspective. Armed with a culinary degree, sommelier credentials, and archives of published writing, Megan's creative pursuits all center around digging into that indescribable essence of life that makes us feel a part of something bigger.


Therapeutic Approach

Certified to teach yoga in the eight-limbed, integral approach that supports an easeful body and a peaceful mind, Megan distills the vague and sometimes hard to grasp concept of mindfulness to help you to reconcile your past and loosen rigid expectations for the future in order to live more fully in the present. While we may have lots of practice using our rational minds to figure out why we feel the way we do, it is only by exploring our emotions and our bodies that we can notice, instead of merely justify, what we are feeling. By learning to tolerate difficult feelings instead of endlessly avoiding them or being hijacked by them, we become more empowered in our lives and relationships, enacting changes that are both positive and sustainable.


Merging Eastern philosophy with Western techniques applicable to the myriad demands of today’s urban life, Megan guides individuals, couples, and parents towards their most authentic selves to actualize more joyful, meaningful, integrated lives.

Alanna Stark, MHC-LP



Alanna Stark is a Mental Health Counselor who calls on her experience as an educator to truly connect with her clients, maximize their current potential, and achieve future goals.  She has a gentle and empathic approach and is passionate about helping others work through obstacles in their personal, social, and professional lives. Her particular interests include helping clients with issues related to depression, anxiety, life transitions, improving interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, and ADHD. 


Every individual is unique and has different needs. Alanna's approach to therapy is collaborative and specialized to each client, where you will explore current difficulties, personal beliefs and values, find ways to help you cope, and uncover the connection between past and present experiences.  Alanna prides herself on acutely listening to her clients and provides a safe place to express yourself. She may offer you a different perspective, challenge you in a supportive way, and may suggest various coping strategies so that you can start to make the changes that you want. 


Alanna understands the difficulty of deeply understanding and facing thoughts, behaviors and relationships. As your therapist, Alanna will support you and be authentic with you. 


Christina Eller's Gottman Certifications